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Founded on her vision of a world where no child suffers extreme and life threatening calamity, or is deprived of the right to an education, the Jareen Foundation was established in memory of Jareen Abdul-Baki Ghazale.


Born in Calgary, Canada on March 4, 1978, she lived in a country where children received a bilingual education and free healthcare, lived in a pristine environment, and learned invaluable lessons of a vibrant multi-cultural society.  As a teenager, she moved to her Parent's native Lebanon with her mother, father and two brothers, and although Lebanon was a beautiful country in its own right, she was abruptly exposed to the harsh reality of a country ravaged by fifteen years of civil war.  She watched and learned as a country rebuilt infrastructures, re-established government, and a divided people attempted to reconcile and join hands for peace.  

Jareen always felt genuinely privileged to have lived and learned from this Canadian/Lebanese dichotomy.  These polar experiences developed into a passion for helping those who cannot help themselves, and seeded a deeply-rooted, unshakable hope that made Jareen the young woman that everyone loved and respected.


Jareen graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the American University of Beirut (AUB) in 2000, and married Dr. Ammar Ghazale.  They started their new life together in the United States, where she later gave birth to the lights of her life, her twin daughters, Lana and Haya.


Tragically, on August 11, 2011, while vacationing in Lebanon, Jareen was killed in a car accident in the Bekaa Valley.  She was just 33 years old.  

Those who knew Jareen, remember her for touching lives with her brilliant smile, contagious laughter, distinct wisdom, and deep compassion. This foundation serves to honour her memory, by carrying out her dream of helping those who cannot help themselves... all while keeping humanity– human.

The Jareen Foundation

Jareen Abdul-Baki Ghazale




Sadly, the environmental issues that impact us, unite us.  Poor or rich, citizen or refugee, the future of our children faces alarming realities of environmental disaster.


The Jareen Foundation is committed to educating the population, and implementing effective programs on the ground, we can help steer future generations to a sustainable tomorrow.


Gender-based Violence and Child Marriage, are a gross violation of human rights. Not only do these calamities endanger health, but they also keep girls and women out of school and prevent them from obtaining even a basic education.

The Jareen Foundation believes that female contribution to government, economic activity, and social-welfare decisionmaking, is the path to a brighter future for all of humanity. We are committed to engaging communities and assisting in empowering women at all levels to accomplish this goal.

Women's Empowerment



In line with the United Nations, our belief is that education is a basic human right and essential for the exercise of all other human rights.


From supplying thousands of free elementary school books to libraries, tuition grants, and soon to be delivering vocational programs to adults, The Jareen Foundation is passionate about empowering through education.


Refugee Food Program

Through private funding and donations, the Jareen Foundation has been active in distributing food and personal hygiene supplies to refugees in camps accross Lebanon's Bekaa Valley.

This is a year-round and on-going campaign, with distributions helping families cope with their day-to-day struggles with one less thing to worry about– food. Please give generously.

Elimination of Child Labor

Despite the fact that the Lebanese Labour Code devotes Articles 21 to 25, to govern the employment of minors, this heartbreaking problem is widespread across the country. Whether they be Lebanese, Syrian or any nationality at all, this serious issue does not discriminate.


Victims of child labour do not go to school, do not receive proper nutrition or care, and they are fundamentally denied the chance to be children. Tragically, many are exposed to the worst forms of child labour such as work in hazardous environments, and slavery.

The Jareen Foundation will soon develop a program to help in the fight against child labour guided by the principles of the ILO's conventions 138 and 182.

Public Library Book Program

Jareen's passion for reading could never be overstated. Even greater than this passion was her desire that no child be deprived of the joy and adventure found in a book.


In keeping with her wish, the Jareen Foundation is constantly stocking public libraries in villages and towns across Lebanon with thousands of books for all ages. This program is 100% funded by the Jareen Foundation at no cost to beneficiary libraries.



Simply put, the bloodline of The Jareen Foundation is the generous donations it receives from donors like you.

What you may take for granted on a daily basis goes a long way in supporting the helpless. Please give generously.



The efforts of our volunteers are paramount to getting assistance to where it is needed most. No matter your experience or skillset, drop us an email at to be put on our volunteer register.

Have an idea for a particular campaign, or would like your company or organization to collaborate with The Jareen Foundation? We'd love to hear from you and put together a plan of action!

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We can't wait to hear from you!

The Jareen Foundation



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